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A Family Created by Adoption

Learn how to adopt a baby through Lifetime AdoptionWe just received this letter and photo here at Lifetime Adoption from adoptive couple Torre and Marion, who adopted all three of their children through Lifetime Adoption:

“Hello Lifetime Family,

Here is one of our family pictures we have with all of our Lifetime family. We want to take the time to say thank you for all of your prayers and all that you have done to bring our family together. Our adoption finalization for the girls is soon and we are excited!

Bryce is two and a half years old, Aniyah is now five, and Za’nye is six years old. They love their family and are enjoying making friends and life in Japan. Thank you again to you all.

God bless,
Torre, Marion, Bryce, Aniyah and Za’nye”

To adopt a baby or child through Lifetime Adoption’s successful nationwide domestic adoption program, your first step is to complete our free online application to adopt. If you have questions, please give us a call at (530) 432-7373.

Looking to Adopt a Baby? Gain info on adoption through our Adoption for Life Newsletter!

Sign up for the free adoption newsletter today to educate yourself on domestic adoptionAre you just starting the process of domestic adoption? Maybe you are almost done researching adoption agencies and are ready to contract with one of them. A wonderful resource for gathering more info on your journey to adopt a baby or child is by subscribing to the free adoption newsletter, Adoption for Life. This e-newsletter is released monthly and includes vital adoption info such as trans racial adoption, the adoption home study, methods toward adoption success, and how to save money for your adoption. Sign up today at the Adoption for Life website!

Choosing the “Perfect” Name for Your Adopted Child

What will you name your adopted baby or adopted child in domestic adoption?Many times, adoptive families have shared with us that they’ve had a difficult time choosing a name for their adopted baby or child. The fact is that choosing your baby’s name is a difficult decision for many, whether you’re adopting domestically or internationally. Can you give your child a name that will relate to their heritage, and still be a part of your family?

A name is more than just something a person is called. It becomes their identity, so it is important to choose wisely when picking a new name for your adoptive child, or choosing to keep their original name.

In the case of infant adoption, their birth mother may have already have named her child. A wonderful way to honor your open adoption agreement is to choose your baby’s name with their birth mother. A great way to tie your baby’s past with their future is to combine both the name that you’ve chosen, and the name their birth mother chose.

Another idea for adoptive families is to use the child’s original name as their middle name. In this way, your child will keep the name that was given to them by their birth mother, but they can also have a name given to them by their new adoptive family. This type of name selection works well for domestic infant adoptions as well as for families adopting children internationally.

But what if you’re adopting an older child?

This is an arena where adoptive parents really struggle with the naming of their adoptive child. Most often this occurs when adopting an older child internationally. It may be that the child has a given name that is difficult for the adoptive family to pronounce, or the family would like their child to have a name that will assimilate better with the culture he or she is going to be raised in.

If you decide to give an older child a new name, be aware that it may be hard for them to adjust. The child might also think that their given name was bad or their culture was bad. To help ease the transition, you might want to use both their new name and their original, given name. Then as your child grows and feels more comfortable within the family, they can decide which name they would prefer.

Naming your child is an important part of making them a member of your family. It is a personal decision that will take time and consideration to determine what is the right choice for your family. Take the necessary time to consider what your child may think about the decision when they get older and as your child grows offer them the option of going by whatever name they feel most comfortable being called.

The True Purpose of Adopting a Child

Learn about domestic adoption and Christian adoptionMany Christians are drawn to adopt a child because the Lord has called them to be a parent because He wants them to share with their child the knowledge and pure unconditional love of their Heavenly Father through His grace.

As an adoptive parent, I am grateful to God to be privileged to be the earthly parent to these little ones given to my care for their lifetime.

God has a purpose and a plan. Even through my seven pregnancy losses, I know He has a bigger and perfect plan for our lives.

God’s simple request to us can be the biggest blessing in our lives and the lives of the children we parent. Many wouldn’t know about the grace and unconditional love only found through knowing Jesus, and discovering a life of peace and acceptance, if it weren’t for stepping out in faith to take the first step toward what He has put in your heart. I remember knowing adoption was our lifetime path early on. I was both scared because I had no information on how to start, and at the same time, excited that I really felt it would happen if I was faithful to the Lord’s leading.

I wish you the clarity in direction to parenthood and encourage you to never give up on what God has promised you!


If you are an active Bible-believing Christian, the newest book, with more than 20,000 copies in print – “Called to Adoption” was written by award-winning author and adoptive mother Mardie Caldwell and Heather Featherston.

If you feel a “calling” to adopt a child or children or know someone that is, this easy-to-read book will answer your most important questions and bring you closer to God’s plan for your life.

Called To Adoption can be found at any of these online book stores:

Family Christian
Barnes & Noble
Christian Book Distributors

You can also order it from your local book seller (ISBN 978-1-935176-09-1) or by visiting www.CalledToAdoption.com.

Mardie Caldwell is the author of Called to Adoption: The Christian’s Guide to Answering the Call.  She is founder of Lifetime Adoption Center and facilitates over 130 adoptions each year.  She has appeared on “The 700 Club” and “Larry King Live”, as well as making hundreds of other media appearances on CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC’s “The Today Show”.

Our Lifetime Angel – Adopt a Baby or Child Through Lifetime Adoption

Adopt a baby or child through Lifetime AdoptionWe just received this letter and photo here at Lifetime Adoption from adoptive couple Andy and Stacey, who adopted their daughter Isabel through Lifetime Adoption and wanted to share it with you today:

“We just wanted to just send a quick little note to say hello and share how our little angel is doing.  Isabel is already 18 months old, can you believe it?! She is such an amazing little girl and we are enjoying every moment with her.  She has quite a vocabulary and a smile that is so contagious!  We are planning to take her on her first trip to Disneyland next month and can’t wait to see her eyes light up when she sees the characters and watches the parade.  She may not remember it, but will have a blast while we are there!

We hope all is going great over there at Lifetime!  Many blessings to all of you there, birthmothers, and waiting adoptive families! Here’s a picture we took for Easter/Isabel’s 18th month!

-Andy, Stacey & Isabel”

To adopt a baby or child through Lifetime Adoption’s successful nationwide domestic adoption program, your first step is to complete our free online application to adopt. If you have questions, please give us a call at (530) 432-7373.

Mardie’s path to parenthood will encourage you! Join us Thursday

Longing to become a parent, Mardie Caldwell set out on a path that would lead to her heart’s desires…and to serving families through a Lifetime of adoption.

Discover the story behind
Lifetime Adoption

Thursday, May 10th at:

5pm Pacific Time

6pm Mountain Time

7pm Central Time

8pm Eastern Time

In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, Lifetime Adoption founder, Mardie Caldwell, will share her story of how she took a longing for motherhood to a leading model of adoption success. Be encouraged through her testimony of triumph after 7 miscarriages, years of failed fertility treatments, and adoption hurdles. Her story will inspire you to take the next step toward realizing YOUR DREAM of parenthood. You will also understand the true heart for the families like you, hoping for a child, and for the cherished birthmoms that will make your adoption possible.

Find out Thursday, May 10th, how Mardie’s path through infertility and adoption will help you discover the child you’re meant to adopt.

Sign up today to reserve your spot at this special event, featuring Mardie’s photos, from then and now, and a message of hope from her heart to yours.

Once you register, you’ll immediately receive an email with the details you need to join us ONLINE or BY PHONE. You may also attend LIVE using your iPhone or Droid!

Hope to see you Thursday!

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